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Re: Starting a Mama Cloth Stash

With such a long period, I would personally buy fewer and wash in the middle of the period. If/when they wear out, you have an excuse to find some more cute stuff. However, if the nature of your flow is very different in the first half versus the second half, then you may want pads of different absorbencies and lengths that just cover every single day.

There are pros and cons to a lot of different brands, and there are plenty of brands I never got to try. I've written some of my extensive opinions on the other cloth pad threads on this forum. But allow me to suggest two things.

Some people hate them, and some people love them, but I would personally at least try a Party in My Pants flannel top (I really dislike cotton tops except for the lightest flows) for the sake of having a paper thin pad that you don't have to feel self-conscious about under any sort of clothing. I love that there is an option for those of us used to ultra-thin sposie pads, especially those of us who take really long pads. To the best of my understanding, no other brand has really even come close to matching their thinness. However, that company is run by young women, not moms. I guess they and the major companies like Gladrags are the only cloth pad businesses that are not WAHM run.

The brand that has overall proven to be my favorite (bearing in mind that there are a couple I've wanted but never got to try) is Go with the Flo, specifically their "Shaped" series. And she and her co-workers are WAHMs looking to train and employ women who have been caught in the cycle of sex trafficking as they continue to expand. In their regular series, I take a petite width (not something I would have guessed from my build). The Shaped series has a tapered absorbency system with a lot of flare (this flare may or may not be your thing but is the coverage I need). Due to the tapered absorbency system, it has the benefit of being thinner and floppier than their other series so that it is more adjustable to both regular and petite women. So it is the safest style to buy if you are not sure if you would be regular or petite. Go with the Flo is having a group co-op RIGHT NOW through 2/15. You have to like "Lilia Designs/Go with the Flo" on facebook in order to see the order forms and the tiered discounts (per group total ordered during this period) as they come in (up to 40% off). I also happen to have an unused minky shaped pad for sale in FSOT below b/c I really prefer the bamboo velour tops to the minky tops and b/c this sale came up as an opportunity for me to get more bamboo velour.

I drypail mine in a wetbag after spraying the bloodied areas with diluted Bac-Out, then soak with oxygen bleach right before the wash, and then wash. But there are many ways to do it.
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