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Re: Starting a Mama Cloth Stash

p.s.--There are some brands I might prefer to GWTF if only I liked their main topper material. If you want to try some minky, Pampered Mama is a nice way to go (unless you prefer your pads really wide, in which case there are some better--wider--options out there for you). And there are many etsy sellers (as well as PeaceLoveCycle on facebook) that mostly make really cute and rather thin cotton-topped pads. But those are just not a go for me. Btw, when it comes to width, bear in mind that the way cloth pads are built (thickness, flexibility, etc.) will not usually (I think) make your favorite disposables a neat comparison. If you are like me and used to use ultrathin disposables, then you really will be lacking a width comparison to almost any brand--as the cloth pads will, with the exception of Party in my Pants--fit nothing like ultrathins. Since there is trial and error involved, I would encourage you not to get too many at once but to get a handful, rotate them in one period to see how they really are for you, and make adjustments in what you are looking for from there.
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