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Re: Composting

It's actually very simple. A bin does the work faster because it allows you to continually move and aerate and distribute the microorganisms that break it down for a quicker resulting finished product. A bin that is really cooking will often be too hot to touch and put off steam on cold days!! The method your dh is talking about is fine for over winter, when there's long wet days to break it down slowly. The other problem with adding raw compost to a established growing garden is that the raw product will rob the soil temporarily of the nitrogen that your plants need to grow in order to process those raw products. Additionally, putting some things on the garden can draw pests you won't want hanging around such as ants and mice. Something else to consider is if you want to add animal manure like chickens, horse, cow, rabbit manure some of it can be too "hot" or high in green nitrogen to put on the garden immediately because it can literally chemically burn your plants. It needs time to dissolve, break down and mellow before it's safe. I do recommend you add at least a little to your pile to start with, it gets things "cooking" much faster.

A worm bin can work for anyone, there's a lady that has videos on youtube, she keeps one in her basement and one in a closet in her house because they are self contained and do not smell when properly maintained (so she says). I'd like to try it this year. My favorite freestanding bin is the geobin, it's cheap and super easy to use and take down when you don't want it up.

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