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Re: cannibus (pot) for morning sickness

I would be too terrified of having my baby taken away or being put in jail to ever use an illegal drug.

I'd also have NO IDEA where to get it. I don't know anyone who does it, and it's not like I can just ask random people in Wal-Mart, ya know? LOL.

But I do agree it would be better to use a natural remedy rather than a chemical/man-made drug.

Guess I should add, I don't even really take OTC meds that are "okay" during pregnancy unless I am just completely miserable with NO other options.

I broke a rib when I was 36 wks pregnant and only took one or two doses of the pain meds I was prescribed. Not b/c it didn't hurt, but b/c I just really dislike putting artificial stuff in my body - ESP when pregnant.

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