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Poor sick baby...C. Diff, please help!

Just found out my 18 mo DD has C. Diff. Not sure what to do but it sounds serious.

From what research I've read, this is a reaction from broad spectrum antibiotics. They killed all the bacteria in the gut, leaving the C. Diff to flourish and take over. It is similar to a medical resistant staph, as in it is a "super bug"

Caution, the below might be TMI for some

It started during Thanksgiving, when she picked up an ear infection while travelling and got antibiotics at the Urgent Care. She appeared to heal fine. Then in December she had a pesky yeast rash, but we seemed to nail it before Christmas. In early January, she starting having poo 'spolisions. Lots. Maybe like 4 or 5 really loose, stinky stools a day. I made the appointment for her well child for the end of the month and kept an eye on it. The poo waxed and waned, but starting having some mucous in it. But some days it seemed relatively normal.

This Wednesday was her well child check up. On Tuesday, she got a moderate fever from a bug that was going around her small home daycare. So we kept her home on Wednesday, and didnt take her to the doctor b/c she wasn't going to be able to get shots, and my husband convinced me it wasnt so bad. Got her in on Friday, turned in stool sample on Saturday and found out today it is C.Diff.

So has anyone else gone through this??? What now??

Doctor is prescribing new anti-biotic to target the bad bugs and I can pick it up tomorrow morning. He wants to see her on Wednesday to check in. If she is not responding to the antibiotics, he wants to check her in to the hospital.

I have been giving her lots of pro-biotics, tons of fluids, and fever relievers. I've restricted fruits, and leaned towards a BRAT diet. She was amost weaned, but now has gone back to nursing like a new born. I am not fighting it, because at least I know she is getting fluids and nutrition. I have been taking pro-biotics myself and trying to get lots of vitamins.

Oh yeah, after we left the doctor on Friday, she developed hives on the back of her legs, and then a raspy cough that has been getting worse. Her fever has been going up and down all weekend.

Poor baby, feel really bad for her, know she is in lots of discomfort because she is really fussy. Really just scared out of my mind for my baby girl. Prayers welcomed.

Anybody else been through this, or know anyone that has? Or had any experience with MRSA? Or any other tummy ailments? Not really sure what to do diet wise to make sure she is eating foods that will help her heal. Where to you typically get the highest quality affordable pro-biotics? I bought some kids culterelle at the store, and am trying to give her the highest dose.

Going to try and work from home most of the week. Don't want her picking up anything more from day care and want her to rest and heal. Really grateful to have a work environment where this is possible.
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