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Originally Posted by LaurenAppenzeller
what wouldst someone lace pot with and why? Totally a dare scare tactic as someone else said. It just makes me sad that its been demonized. I honestly would the people that think its so bad to give one reason why that actually makes sense. I hate when people just say bc its bad why is it bad bc you don't like it? Then you should just say I don't like pot or I've never tried it. Don't claim that it can hurt your baby if there isn't any evidence that is not tri
Most commonly, I have known it to be laced with cocaine but I have heard of it being laced with many drugs including heroin, meth, PCP, etc. Your assumptions are very presumptuous. I have never seen any reputable source claiming that any street drug, including marijuana is safe for pregnancy. I don't see how it would ever have been ethically studied, truthfully.

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