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Re: If I had never found diaper swappers......

I would not have tried wool and given fitteds another chance after the Kissaluv 0's were such a poor match to my son...just not absorbant enought at all and almost made me give up cloth altogether. Even though I am a knitter, I never would have trusted wool to be as waterproof as it is, somehow. And longies are so awesome- I never would have found out about making your own longies from recycled sweaters.

Even though I'm Canadian, I never would have tried Motherease diapers without recommendations from mamas here...and Large Sandy's bamboo are now my faves, and I think my son likes them, too.

On the other hand, if I hadn't joined DS, I also wouldn't own a garish orange MEAF cover with wacked out cartoon animals on it either! I never would have bought that, but with my trial offer from ME site, I ordered a "Savannah1" (which is white with retro animals) and there must be a shortage cause I ended up with "Savannah2". OMG it is so weird looking and my son loves it and always pulls it out of the laundry basket! It is an excellent bullet-proof cover, but wow...fugly.
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