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Re: Fenugreek, mothers milk tea, and thyroid issues. is a great website for info on increasing milk supply. In addition to fenugreek, extra pumping, and eating oatmeal also help. There are other galactagogues that you can take but fenugreek is a good one to start with. I think the average dose is 3 pills/3x a day.

here's a link to dosing on fenugreek.

You might also want to read the section on where it states that your supply might be o.k. even though you think it's not. A baby is a lot more efficient than the pump. Is you lo having adequate weight gain? Enough wet diapers? Etc.?

As a pp mentioned, you also want to be sure that your thyroid is at a level it needs to be at otherwise that will negatively affect your supply. You might want to get your level rechecked just to be sure it's o.k.
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