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Re: Yeast came back

Originally Posted by Jcurrie View Post
Thanks for everyone's help! I will do laundry all day to try and get everything clean! One more question, if you switch to disposables or disposable inserts while baby has yeast, how long until their bum is clear to go back to cloth?
I disinfect everything with bleach (don't forget the wipes and pail liners too!) and wait until he is 100% clear for 3-4 days before going back to cloth. 1/8 cup bleach in a HE machine, 1/4 in a traditional top load.... the longer the yeast has been lingering the more aggressive I am with the bleach.

OxyClean will not be effective enough.

right now DS is really sick, and some of it is tummy troubles, I have had him in huggies because I can't handle cleaning them every 45 minutes with his tummy the way it is, and I can't tell if the rash he is getting is yeast, or just burned from the watery stools, or from the huggies... these poor kids when their bottoms get sore!

DS will be back to normal before he is back in cloth, I don't like dealing with the bleaching issues with yeast, I figure that I've been cloth diapering 95% of the time for four years, one package of regular disposables has long been made up for elsewhere - usually we use an eco friendly disposable but I had none in and had to send a friend to the grocery around the corner, I went with what she could figure out easily
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