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Re: cannibus (pot) for morning sickness

Originally Posted by lynn97 View Post
Most commonly, I have known it to be laced with cocaine but I have heard of it being laced with many drugs including heroin, meth, PCP, etc. Your assumptions are very presumptuous. I have never seen any reputable source claiming that any street drug, including marijuana is safe for pregnancy. I don't see how it would ever have been ethically studied, truthfully.

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you must not have read the previous comments where I talked about a study they did in jamaica and then the person after me gave the name of the person a nurse I think that conducted the study. How would it be unethical?? They study medication and its effects on pregnant women don't they? I don't at all consider marijuana a "street drug"
. Its an herb that has been on this earth for quite some time and in my opinion put here by god for the enlightenment of mankind. Does not need to be chemically altered or processed in any way and has never ever had any sort of negative effect on a person. They document adverse drug reactions and it has been studied ((maybe not on pregnant women but on human people ad has no adverse effects
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