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DS3 is 6 months old, EBF, 18 lbs., does not like the bottle. My other two boys were sleeping through the night by now, but this guy goes down at 7PM wakes up at 10/11PM and then again at 3AM. I am SO TIRED. I nurse him when he wakes up and when he goes down for naps during the day, so like every two-three hours. Am I doing something totally wrong? This has been going on for like three months now. I know someone else out there has been through this. I just need to know it will end at some point, like SOON! Maybe I need to introduce him to solids? BTW, he also has eczema and ends up scratching at his face if we don't swaddle him in a blanket. I've been cutting out dairy, which seems to be the culprit since I tried having some butter and a little bit of cheese and he had a flare up. And, he is teething- drooling all the time. Any suggestions? Please tell me this doesn't last forever; I really need some deep sleep and now I hate going to my bed at night because I know he senses me and ends up waking up 30 to 45 minutes after I go down. Doesn't help that AF has returned either... ARGH!
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