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Re: Poor sick baby...C. Diff, please help!

If it makes you feel better my son has been on tons of antibiotics throughout his life and never got C-diff from antibiotic use. Ds has even been on a 10 day course of high powered IV antibiotics to destroy antibiotic resistant bacterial spinal infection followed up with another 10 day course of high powered oral antibiotics. One outpatient surgery and his rectal stump (he has a colostomy) was colonized with C-diff. The rest of his GI tract (the working part) was completely clear through. I don't know how we avoided it spreading from the rectal stump to the working part of his GI tract but we did.

I really really doubt the c-diff was from a 10 day course of a low level antibiotic typical used to treat ear infections. Something just doesn't seem right with that I would be thinking back to everything she was exposed to around that time. When our GI got the positive test results back the first thing he said was "huh, your son has been in the hospital recently hasn't he?" Yup, outpatient surgery with an extended stay in the recovery room.
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