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Re: Med-free birthers?

Originally Posted by lalakiwi7 View Post
I had a sadly complicated first birth with our DD... i know everyone says they do but I did too.....

I did natural for the first 24 until my MW actually insisted I have an epi/with pit OR a c-section related to complications (bleeding, meconum, cervical regression, fetal HB fluctuations.) so I didn't ask and didn't want meds with my first but I got it all and then some.... plus a nasty forceps delivery in which I tore all the way through and had to be on bedrest for two weeks after. :*( SOOOOOOOO while I say I am planning on a med free birth as I found out with my first they don't always go as planned however I did not ask for any and am not planning it.

I totally think it's fabulous either way SERIOUSLY any one who gives birth is a ROCKSTAR!!!! but I just want to experience it all .... just because I do. It's something only I can do in the life of my child and I want to be all there. I actually cried when my MW gave me my run down.... so I am pumped to get to try again!!!

My first was somewhat similar. I had planned med-free. I wound up getting an epi and they checked AFTER the fact and I was already at 9cm. There was no rush to get her out-- she just came faster than anyone was expecting and was turned wrong. So I had a starburst tear with between 75 & 100 stitches and bled and could hardly walk for a couple of weeks.

I am not trying to give false hope, but my second was 10lb, 2oz and I wound up with a totally uncomplicated, med-free birth and two stitches. The moral of the story is that all births are different (as I am sure you know ) . I was terrified to have a second, but I think having him was very healing for me. <3
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