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Re: Need help. NICU term baby, EPing right now

Thank you for your story Liaklong. Your positive ending really helped.

I am able to nurse him now. He has been able to nurse (no shield, no "SNS") when I am there. He is taking almost all of his feeds by bottle instead of some by bottle, some by NG tube. He has a strong suck and is "nursing" about 50% of the time. The other half, I am squeezing milk out so he can just swallow. I am backing off bit by bit so he nurses more with each feeding.

Today he nursed twice when I was there. The first time, he nursed over 20 mins and probably got 20-25ml with how empty my breast was. The second time, he nursed on both sides and I think he actually got the 40ml he is supposed to eat each feeding time.

My concern now is the fact I have lost 19lbs since I delivered. I know there is typical weight loss due to the birth, but I never gained much weight while pregnant. I was 172 before I got preg. I went down to 161 because of MS. I finally got up to 178 last week but delivered at 175. I weighed myself this afternoon and I was 156. I have not been that weight since 1999 before I got pregnant with DS1. That scares me. I am afraid that if I lose too much weight, my milk supply will diminish.

The other is what happens when he comes home and my milk supply is so high and he does not drink even close to that. Also will the baby ever not nurse every 3 hours because of being on the NICU's feeding schedule?
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