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Re: cannibus (pot) for morning sickness

Originally Posted by LaurenAppenzeller View Post
There's really no point trying to convince people who already have their mind made up but why can't you say I don't like to smoke pot or I've never tried it or even I wont do anything that's illegal not that its bad for you or your unborn baby bc its been proven that there are no negative effects on anyone. It can't have negative effects on a baby if it doesn't and can't no matter how much is ingested on an adult. A Dr or midwife would never ever say that it was safe if it weren't. They could be sued majorly. Not only can it not hurt you or your baby but I don't even think that a baby could experience the psychoactive properties of it bc of the way it works in your body. Also babies brains are more open than ours anyway and all pot does is open up your mind to more perception than were used to so I'm pretty sure babies and kids are experiencing the world as tho they are high anyway
Those are my beliefs based on things I've read. The only reason pot is illegal is bc of a politically motivated prohibition and it probably wont be for very much longer. Like I said before my kid is way smarter and more advanced than a lot of other kids his age and older and he's been ahead since he was a baby. This isn't just my observation I get it all.the.time from people sometimes strangers. I have done nothing to harm him and if anything maybe its given him a boost
I have no opinion on smoking pot as long as its not around children dependent on you care and I have not been in an HG situation so I won't pass judgement on something I know nothing about. But, as for the "no effects" thing. It does have effects, most notably the drop in IQ. Yes, it is only observed in teens but that is still an effect. feed_id=5&videofeed=41
Banned for 6 months for ignoring repeated request to be polite/respectful.
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