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Re: Pulled pork

I made pulled pork on Saturday and we had almost no leftovers. Maybe enough for 2 sandwiches out of 2 crockpots of pulled pork.

I used 2 onions, 1 cup of ginger ale, 3.5 ish pounds of pork shoulder and barbecue sauce. I sliced the onions and put half on the bottom of the crockpot. Then I put the pork shoulder in and the rest of the onions on the pork. Poured in the ginger ale and cook on low 8-10 hours. I pulled it apart with two forks and discarded the bones. Then I strained the liquid to save the onions. I tossed the liquid and put the pork and onions back in the crockpot and dumped in a bottle of bbq sauce. I cooked it another hour to let the flavors really meld and it turned out so good! I want to make it again this week because we liked it so much and it was super easy! The worst part was getting up at 6 on a Saturday to get it in the crockpot. But it only took 10 minutes and then I went back to bed.

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