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Re: Nesting?

Mentally I'm nesting... i want thing done and done now. Problem is my energy levels are not matching the drive at all. Most days i make it home from work make dinner (if i manage that as i once again have ZERO interest in cooking and food) and pretty much crash completely after that.

I've managed to get a smaller things done around the house... but over all no where near what i want. Only big thing i managed this weekend was I got started on prepping diapers atleast the NB stuff is ready.

Today I'm going to start a serious check list for myself because there really is a huge list of things I do NEED to do. And a lot are small but I forget about them on those rare occasional I have time and energy.

Upside I start my mat leave (Canadian 1 year of leave) in 3 weeks now so hopefully my energy levels will rebound a bit when i'm done with work.
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