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Re: baby died at 7 weeks, delivered at 10 1/2 weeks :/

im really glad I stayed home. i could barely be touched or talked to while I had contrx this time so i cannot imagine the bright lights, iv's and intrusive checks if in a hospital. again, was trying to avoid a d & c at all costs.

I am only able to do a little bit each day then it feel like I pulled something or my ovary is sore w major aching. very bright bleeding today. minimal now..
i am sick again tho, this time a thick sinus infection or stuffy head so I am taking antibiotics for that. my appetite is near nothing tho- so back to normal- and I am down 4 lbs. my hormones feel pretty normal finally so I can think straight and calmly, which also is bringing the sadness and want to make a plan for another. i have no clue when I will be healed or have a normal cycle tho so I have to wait on all that.
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