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Please help me get her in her crib!!

My daughter is almost 3 months and her sleeping habits are getting worst so I need to nip them in the butt now!
During the day she will only sleep in her swing when its moving, in bed up against me, in a wrap or in her carseat when were out and about. At night she sleeps against me, has to have her face against my boob and if I move even a millimeter she wakes up and wants to eat again, I feed her laying down so I can go back to sleep and that's the only way she'll stay asleep.

I'm ready to get her out of my bed, I don't sleep well and I HATE cosleeping, I know alot of people love it but its just not for me. So please help. There's a bed in her bedroom so I can be close, I'm also thinking of moving the rocking chair in her room (currently in our room). Also what's a good time to get her to bed? I know I'll have at least a week of very little sleep but I'm willing to do it to get this under control. Also do I tackle naptime first or night time first? We are on the go quite a bit with a 7 and 5 year old so not sure how that will affect things?
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