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Re: baby died at 7 weeks, delivered at 10 1/2 weeks :/

I am so sorry mama. I am glad you were able to stay home and that everything turned out okay. I recently had a 6 week loss as well and I was totally shocked at how NOT "like a heavy period" it was. I had intense contractions, nausea like transition and definitely passed bits of tissue. I am a week out from it and feel like my bleeding has acted more like the stop and go of pp bleeding than a period. I was really not prepared for that. I wondered if maybe having 5 children before made my uterus treat it more like a birth. I can only imagine if I had been farther into the pregnancy like you were, how much more difficult the miscarriage would have been physically. Anyway, I am so incredibly sorry for your loss and for the traumatic few weeks it sounds like you have had. Thinking healing thoughts for you.
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