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I would tackle bedtime first, then work on naps. You are right, it might be a week or so of no sleep but you just have to bite the bullet. I am not a fan of cosleeping either...I can't rest and neither can baby if Im restless. I wouldn't sleep in her room bc she will still sense that you are there and want to be closer. I would nurse once or twice at set times that you think she might really be hungry otherwise, comfort her and then leave. I always think it is going to be worse than it actually ends up being when we have to do it. We tend to back track when they are sick or something like that and have to "re-train" them to sleep on their own. Good luck!

April, mommy to Haylea (8/18/09), Hannah (5/22/11) and baby Hogan (12/12/12) *sent from my iPhone*
April , Mommy to Haylea (8/18/09), Hannah (5/22/11) and baby Hogan (12/12/12)!
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