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My first went into NICU for 5 days as a full term baby. Basically I was told that she was exhausted from my 4 day long induction. But anyway... Keep up the pumping. The first couple days I got less than 1 ml of colustrum. Very discouraging! I would bring tiny syringes of bm into NICU for baby. But everyday I would get more and more.

I did have to use nipple shield and SNS for a while like pp said. It all worked out for us and i went on to nurse for 9 months.

Keep trying but know you're a great mama no matter how your baby is fed .

If you have a lot of extra milk, freeze it for later. Your body will adjust to the demand for milk. If there is less demand, your supply will decrease accordingly and vice versa.

It terms of weight loss, I had a baby 3 weeks ago. I lost 20 pounds after delivery w 7.5 lb baby. I havent lost any more. Keep up water consumption and heathy eating.

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