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Need fear/stress release ideas...

I am officially post-date, and have had lots of labor-type progress for the last few weeks. Last night I had a horrible dream, not about labor or the baby but that one of my sons amputated a very important body part - I know, horrible. As we were getting in the car to rush to the hospital, I told the baby to stay in until we got past this ordeal. I then promptly checked to see that both boys were still whole (because that's what neurotic, freaked-out pregnant mamas do, right?) and spent some time snuggling with them as they slept and calming myself down, but I still didn't get any more sleep after that. Today all of my contractions and other labor progress is gone and baby is super active - not exactly "reserving their energy for labor".

I really feel like I need to release this tension/fear/stress somehow or this poor baby is going to stay in. I know that the baby experienced all of the emotional turmoil that I experienced last night, but this dream was so radical and far-out that I just don't know what to make of it, or how to move past it. Thanks in advance for any advice you might have.
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