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Originally Posted by mekat

I really really doubt the c-diff was from a 10 day course of a low level antibiotic typical used to treat ear infections. Something just doesn't seem right with that I would be thinking back to everything she was exposed to around that time. When our GI got the positive test results back the first thing he said was "huh, your son has been in the hospital recently hasn't he?" Yup, outpatient surgery with an extended stay in the recovery room.
I will follow up with the doctor, but she did test positive. Not really sure where else she could have gotten it.

Overall happy with Doctors responsiveness. Went in on Friday afternoon, turned in sample Saturday morning and he called with diagnosis on Sunday and we checking in today. He called and said he is consulting with a GI specialist.

Been doing research, sounds like we need to pick up some Florastor , it has the specific strain of pro- biotics to counter C diff.

Good news is her other sypmtoms seem to be going away.

Thanks all for your support and kind words.
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