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Re: Need help. NICU term baby, EPing right now

That's great mama!! Keep up the good work!! The fact that he is already nursing 50% of the time in NICU is amazing!!

Healthy & rested you is going to be one of the most important things for you all. If you're tired, stressed, etc. it will be detrimental to everyone and your milk supply. Talk to your OB about your additional weight loss & ensure that you are eating enough for you and additional for your milk production. I know that you are probably focusing all of your enegy and time on your new little ds, but don't neglect yourself- that won't help anyone. Stress can cause weight loss too. Try to rest and re-energize as much as possible!

Your son probably will still be on a 3hr nursing routine when you get home, but he will adjust to your home routine once he is home. You can pump excess milk a bit if you would like to store for backup later on, but pumping more produces more. Warm compresses and breast massage in addition to hand expression (I used to get a bit out in the shower when I was super full) will help with the engorgement and your body will adjust as you get into your home routine.

Keep up the wonderful job mama!! & make sure to take care of yourself!!
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