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4 M, 1 L fitteds - $20 $17$16 $15$14ppd for all 5. 3 Mama made snapless, 1 Wahm & 1 Peewell snaps

Washed with All F&C.

Up first, made by me, can't remember what the soaker is probably a combination of a prefold, microfiber terry or baby knit terry. Not a perfect seamstress, but these should last a while. The soaker can get a little wonky after being in the dryer but I just shook it out. Outer recycled t-shirt is super soft. Only used these a month or less, then I had to switch to Aio's.

Lt Blue striped w/ blue plaid flannel inner and 2 Green Knit upcycled tshirts, w/ dyed (rit, washed several times, shouldn't run) green flannel inner

NOT made by me, medium WAHM, flannel is a little crunchy, but still very absorbant

Large Peewell, one snap is wonky, but still works fine

FFS FB pocket with insert (not pictured, in the laundry, but nice and fluffy, very absorbent), PUL has separated from the polyester, but I didn't have leaks than just sheer volume overload.

Laura married to my best friend Matthew since May '01 and mama to 3 boys and an angel baby.

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