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Re: Did you just KNOW the sex of your baby?

My first, I was hoping for a boy, but I had a "feeling" it was a girl, and it was.

My second, I wasn't sure, but thought he might be a boy, though I desperately wanted another girl. He was a boy. I remember feeling gender disappointment with him.

My third and fourth, I knew the sexes before we even went in for the u/s. No second guessing myself. I just knew.

I feel completely different carrying boys versus carrying girls. With my girls, I always felt thin and pretty, calm and peaceful, easygoing. With both boys I've felt enormous and ugly, stressed out and impatient, sarcastic and tons of mood swings.

Sounds crazy, but it's been true for me everytime. Not every woman works the same way, so I don't think this type of thing holds true for everyone. I just think in my case, my body reacts differently to hormones for girls versus boys.

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