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Originally Posted by aries416
He makes lots of eye contact. he does point, but it's more of a reach and grunt or he'll take my hand and bring me somewhere/show something he wants. If I point to something, he'll look at it. He does not play with toys properly, per se. He does not fixate on things and could care less about wheels. He's been making "hats" out of all kinds of toys and wearing them on his hands. That's about as fixated as he gets, but he changes toys/changes what he's doing very quickly. Everyone describes him as "busy".
He sounds normal to me. Most kids with autism lack the ability to show someone something or share interests with someone.

They also will fixate on something for a period of time ( a few weeks, months etc). Rarely do they play with toys traditionally.

Of course these things vary from person to person with autism.

Is the delayed speech the only reason you are having him evaluated?

Does he toe walk? Spin? Watch colorful items? Any sensory avoidance (like wont touch slimy, doesnt like dirt) or sensory seeking behaviors (like swinging, crashing etc)

The way you describe him he sounds normal with a little speech delay. And new words every day is great!

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