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Re: While i go crazy waiting

His early intervention teacher mentioned possible autism because up until the last couple weeks had had made virtually NO progress with language. She really wants him in school because she thinks he's "too stubborn" to learn at home and that a school setting would help him. I really hesitate because he's very attached to me.

He is a sensory seeker in that he LOVES dirt and loves to touch everything. I suspect he does have some sensory issues, but nothing too severe. If he's sitting in a pile of blocks and playing with them by shuffling them around, I can get him to build with me if I give him one at a time.

I'm just so confused because we had our daughter evaluated and she met almost every behavior possible and they said she was fine because she talks well to other people and was able to do the ADOS screener with no issue. She's definitely quirky! I'm pretty sure my son is just quirky and "different", but I don't want to miss any chance of getting him help if he is autistic and needs it.
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