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Re: What is considered a larger family!?

Originally Posted by taylor's mom View Post
i think that most of society considers anything over 2 kids (unless you needed the 3rd to get the other gender ) to be large. we have 4 children and i don't feel like it's that many. i get one of 2 reactions when we go out though...either the sweet little old lady who gushes over them and shares that she had at least 4 as well, or i get the 'you've got your hands full' type comments. oh wait...forgot to add the 3rd reaction i've been getting lately. my oldest is in school, so i try to run errands with just the other 3. i've gotten a lot of "oh, you finally got your girl". i giggle to myself at the look on their face when i add that my oldest is a girl and at school
Exactly! I really think the 2.5 kids, a dog, and a picket fence mindset has permanently set in for most of society. One boy, one girl, and a 3rd if you didn't get your opposite gender the second time. Any more than that and expect the looks, the comments, and the general negative attitude from most people. We had 2 boys first, so when we had number 3, I got the "hopefully you get your girl" nonstop , like somehow we should be disappointed with an otherwise healthy, happy, and amazing little human should it be just "another" boy. We did have a little girl, so imagine the surprise when we had #4. People just didn't understand why. We purposely didn't announce until over half way through the pregnancy, just to limit the amount of stupid we had to hear. Then number 4 was a girl. So now all I get is the "you have the perfect family" speech. 2 boys first to protect their 2 little sisters, yada yada yada. My family would have been perfect with 4 boys, 4 girls, or any mix there of. We are planning to ttc number 5 this fall, and while the opinions and comments of other people should never factor into your personal family planning, that was a big hurdle we had to overcome mentally when making the decision to have another baby, all the negative comments we will get from everyone .

Personally, I don't think a family is large until you outgrow a "traditional" vehicle, once you need a 10 passenger van you have safely crossed into the large family zone But I also think large families are awesome, so I smile every time I see one of those drive by!
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