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Re: Med-free birthers?

Originally Posted by AmberP View Post

My first was somewhat similar. I had planned med-free. I wound up getting an epi and they checked AFTER the fact and I was already at 9cm. There was no rush to get her out-- she just came faster than anyone was expecting and was turned wrong. So I had a starburst tear with between 75 & 100 stitches and bled and could hardly walk for a couple of weeks.

I am not trying to give false hope, but my second was 10lb, 2oz and I wound up with a totally uncomplicated, med-free birth and two stitches. The moral of the story is that all births are different (as I am sure you know ) . I was terrified to have a second, but I think having him was very healing for me. <3
I am so hoping for that!! I literally have no expectations.... but I would love to not tear so much... that was the worst part and feeling disappointed that I had to have interventions since I was so dogmatic about NOT having any. (not for others just for me)

AND this time around my BFF is getting her doula certification as we speak so she can be my labor support. My hubby was a rockstar and she was also there for my last but wasn't my doula so we are gonna rock it this time.
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