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Re: What is your favorite pocket diaper and why?

Originally Posted by Mandan914 View Post
Are the best pocket diapers we have, they just came out like a month ago and will soon have a bunch of prints and plix version, but I bought a bunch on Babyhalfoff and we LOVE them. Best feature is the price, lol and the charcoal bamboo fleece is super soft and doesnt ever stain bc its grey not white.. the soakers are super absorbant and very trim! my 9 month old can still use 1 soaker for 3-4 hours during the day and at night we stuff one and snap one!!
Ooh, I'd so buy them in aplix for my lazy day diaper.? But I admit I don't think if want to buy them for $17. I feel spoiled buying them for half off.
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