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Re: Med-free birthers?

I'm hoping number 3 if it for me I wanted no meds with DD, but the doc on call was not my favorite (i.e i had left the office a few weeks earlier crying and in an anxiety/panic attack due to her and prayed i would get one of the other 8 OB's, but alas, nope), the nurse was NOT helpful (wouldn't even talk to me or answer questions , and DH was 'tired' and 'forgot' what he was supposed to do I even reached a point before getting the epi that i asked if there was a doctor other than mine that could deliver They told me no and i went into panic mode

Anyways, does anybody have any good recommendations on how to releave back labour? Both of mine were sunny side up and I was a very tilted uterus that has to do something (around 5-6 cm for me) that makes it come into place. Oh, and DD came out in her caul with her hand beside her face

I can't get another epi this time The last time it only worked on 1/2 my body and by the time they got it so i was only feeling 2-3 pain scale on the one side i tried to go to sleep and the catheter expelled itself and i was ready to push. Now, i had so much pain meds i couldn't feel anything and it ended up being 16 hours until i could move my left leg (after the birth). Plus, i had a bruise covering 1/3 of my back. I can't do it again.
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