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Vitamin D to supplement breast milk?

My son's pediatrician prescribes vitamin D drops for all breastfeed babies. The "other" ingredients include: glycerin, purified water, polysorbate 80, citric acid, carmel, cholecalciferol, sodium citrate, sodium hydroxide, and artificial cherry flavor.

I looked each of these things up online and they are considered "safe" preservatives. Still, I really don't feel fully comfortable giving this to my baby. Is there anyone else who feels the same way? What do you do?

I don't even like to eat things where I can't even read or understand the ingredients, so why would I for my baby? My cousin's doctor just told her to give her baby 10 minutes of sunlight a day. A neighbors' friend orded a pure vitamin D drop from online, which I don't know I'd feel comfortable with that either. Just wondering if anyone else out there knows more about this...
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