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He's just now 5 months old, and is a super heavy wetter, sleeps on his belly and nurses 2-3 times overnight. So far the only combo that has stayed dry-ish is stuffing a kissaluv's AIO with a bamboo prefold. I don't have a huge variety of options right now, as I've been just working on getting our daytime diaper stash built up. We stick to Itti Bitti Tuttos or Bumkins AIO's during the day because he needs a trim fit. I have some rumparooz that I've tried stuffing with two newborn and the one long insert and that was wayyyy too bulky. The majority of what I have are pockets, but I'm trying to get away from MF, he seems to be a little sensitive to it. I have some of my friends wool and such, but I'm so scared I will ruin it somehow...I'm thinking I need to maybe get some fleece covers? Sorry, I don't have much experience with cloth, this is our fourth and last baby and the first I've used cloth with :-)
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