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Re: c-sec questions

Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
For example what things do they do to keep circulation flowing in the legs (VERY IMPORTANT!!). What is the timeline for you to get up and start walking, and how long is the catherter typically in?
I had those pressure stockings on from before the csec until I was up and moving/walking well.
Catheter was in for me until the day after my csec, but it could have been out sooner except that I had a horrid spinal headache and couldn't handle being upright that first day. If not for that, though, they like to have you stand up at least sometime in the first 12 hours after surgery.

Originally Posted by 77Lipen View Post
If you don't feel well during the operation tell the anesthetist ASAP, he/she can alter the drug dosing so you don't feel sick or anything.
Ugh, yes. I was talking with the anaethetist the whole time during mine, so we caught the epidural mess-up quickly, before I stopped breathing and things got too hairy.

Originally Posted by 77Lipen View Post
And my time in recovery was about 20 minutes. I could feel my legs again after about 2-3 hours.
Normal time in recovery is an hour at least.

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
On catheters, I had general anesthesia for an emergency C-section, and the catheter was left in for 24 hours after the surgery. Once it was out I was encouraged to walk around as much as I felt comfortable, but man it hurt!
I didn't hurt too much, at least not as much as I was expecting to, but I did have to keep telling myself "It will not burst, it will not rip open" over and over. The nurses laughed at me During my pre-op stuff I actually made the nurse promise me that the incision wouldn't burst open with normal getting up and moving around - she laughed, too

One thing for sure - when you're getting back into bed (once you're up and about I mean) crawl up onto the bed on all fours and then turn yourself over - SOOOOOO much easier on the tummy than their recommended way of sitting on the bed and pulling your legs up!
I think it was the second day after my csec, or at least really late in the first day after, that my nurse saw me getting into bed, in pain, and said "Get UP! Don't do it like that!!" She told me the (much!) better way to do it, and said they always recommend that way on urology, after hysterectomies or whatnot.
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