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Re: s/o Why are we so concerned about fomula feeders

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
Also remember when you are judging have no idea the back story. Many would have judged the daylights out of DS eating cheetos at 6 months old. And you know what? We were doing it at the direction of his medical team as a part of his feeding therapy. We also gave him lolly pops and diet coke. We let him have anything he would put in his mouth.
Every family is different, and all circumstances are different. Maybe the baby has a bottle of Mt. Dew because there was nothing else in the car to drink and kiddo was thirsty. Not every moment is a shining mommy moment, even for the best of us.
yes! i have also had to do that w/ my oldest son. we gave him whatever he wanted. (that was leagle for him to comsume lol) it was part of his diet plain too. is also is now too since he is more then 10lbs under weight. i have had soo many ppl argue w/ me on this & its nice to see someone who has been there & understands. this is also one of the reasons i dont juge. u never know why a parent is doing what there doing. (of course i dont mean abusive things. thats a diff story)
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