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My son has Dx of both PDD-NOS and ADHD. He got the ADHD Dx first and started meds after changes to diet and supplements failed to help. The meds made a huge difference but made the autism symptoms more obvious. It is tough it separate the symptoms because they overlap so much. I can tell you what behaviors improve with meds if that helps?
Without meds he
- often leaves the room to do something/get something and forgets immediately why he left the room
- has close to no academic ability
- unable to pay attention to any task other than video games for longer than 30-60sec at a time with having to be redirected.
- completely forgets to eat/drink
- becomes frustrated very easily while trying to complete a task.
- fidgets even more.

We were told if we tried a very low dose of meds and it helped than it's ADHD, otherwise the meds would have no effect or not the desired effect. He had an amazing turn around academically with meds. He went from zero academic success, had never in 4 years of school completed any assignment during class time to passing all subjects and getting some a's and b's now in a mainstream class with only very minor adaptations.
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