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Originally Posted by glupton
I'm a former reading specialist and we are BIG Tag reader lovers at our house. I have the supplies in a basket that the kids can get out and use by themselves independently. (Ok, we actually have 4 baskets because we have enough books to warrant the use of 4 pens, but yes, we absolutely love them!)

I do BOB Books with my beginning reader for our actual reading practice and instruction, but the TAG reader is great extra practice for the kids and gives them a "reading buddy" when I can't read with them myself.
Do you have any recommendations for using it to help? Right now my ds just enjoys having it read to him and playing games. I definitely don't use it as a main source, and we are working on learning to read without using it. I am not big on toys teaching kids, so I'm doubtful that it would actually be helpful.
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