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Originally Posted by luvsviola
Good luck mama! My son blossomed in developmental preschool. It was great for him. 5 days a week, and bus transportation (complete with harnesses) is provided. I would highly recommend you give it a chance. He loves going (after the initial adjustment period), and his vocabulary has skyrocketed to the point that after about 9 months, he is age appropriate and beyond. They work on his sensory needs, and help get him prepared to function in a kindy class. His class is small, and they have an OT, ST, preschool teacher, and a para for 10 kids.
Oh good! That sounds just like what he will get when he turns 3. My daughter is in that school now because its integrated special Ed and it has been amazing for her! I am excited for him to go. But, until he turns 3, they want him in "autism" school 25 hours a week. I'm pretty sure we will let him go if he qualifies because I can see it only helping him. 25 hours is just so long for a 2 yr old!
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