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Re: August 2013~ weekly chat ~ 2/4-10

Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post

okay I'm going to be really boring I am from the same town I am in now. I live about 3 miles away from where I lived growing up. DH is the same way too. We are pretty boring, but we would never move.
I think that is more common then not. Of the people I know I can probably count on just one hand how many of us packed up and moved somewhere else from where we grew up. 2 of the people would be my mom and me. I guess it is in my genes!

Originally Posted by Tris View Post
I woke up last night and both sides of my ute hurt, round ligament pain? Peeing helped
And U/S today! *happy dance*

I'm from all over. Actually I'm from CA, but in the last 5 years have lived in VA, to CA, to NJ, to NC
Good luck with your ultrasound today!

You sound like me! I have lived in WA, MA, CT, NY, FL and NJ. Right now we purchased this house when I was 8 months pregnant with DS and honestly this is the first time since I turned 18 that I have lived in a place this long! We will be here for 5 years in August. I am 36. At 7 years I will have lived her longer then any other place period. However I am still hoping that DH will move us overseas before we hit that 7 year mark.
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