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Re: What was your first reaction when you got your positive pregnacy test?

Pregnancy 1 I was shocked. I really didn't think the IUI would work. A couple of weeks later when we learned it was triplets, I was more worried about DH passing out then anything.

Pregnancy 2 I assumed I was going to get pregnant and I think I was a bit arrogant about it. This one ended in a miscarriage and was IVF.

Pregnancy #3 I went through HELL with HPT's. I had positive, then negative then back to positive. I am one of the few that can honestly say that I had false negative tests. I figured out how high my beta should have been for the negative tests and they should have showed up. My son's first beta (14 days past a 5 day transfer) was over 1000.

Pregnancy #4 I was cautiously optimistic when I found out. Sadly this resulted in a chemical pregnancy. (FET)

Finally I have pregnancy #5. That is this one. I was down in Florida visiting my mother for Thanksgiving. This embryo was my oldest embryo (from my pregnancy #2 round), he had the odds stacked against him to survive the thaw. He did. He had the odds stacked against him to implant so when I got the +HPT I just prayed that he would hang on. I was excited but so scared! Honestly till this one is in my arms I am going to be walking on egg shells. He is really my miracle baby. And I know all babies are miracles but he fought some tough odds already so I think he really is my miracle and if he is a well baby at birth, I will believe he really is living up to his name and it's meaning.
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