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Re: Herbal supplements for helping body prepare for birth...

Originally Posted by homebirthmom View Post
5 W. I have seen every single mom who has a previous section get their fast vaginal birth with this stuff as well as previous moms with long labors, go super fast. my friend just had a 3 hr birth and used it!! she had a 10lb baby too
what is it? 5 W? (because i neeeeeed to know!)

to the OP:
i use red raspberry leaf tea all pregnancy long to tone the uterus. with my first i took a series of homeopathic remedies in the last 4 weeks which were shown to speed labor. when i went past my dates by 8 days and my ob was threatening to induce, i drank castor oil and went into labor by midnight of the same day. my labor was less than 5 hrs and i did so sans meds or interventions.

my second is a different story but he was mal-positioned. i did the same things, including going over exactly 8 days (but i had midwives/homebirth so no pressure, only from me!) and drinking castor oil to evict baby. went into labor same evening but my labor was long and i wasnt dilating uniformly, baby was stuck for 4 hrs under my pubic bone and after all those hrs of pushing contractions stopped entirely. we thought i would have to transfer, so as a last resort the midwives put castor oil packs on my belly and i got extreme contractions which helped me get him out in 35 minutes (of pure agony). i think it would have been waaaay faster if he was properly aligned.
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