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Re: Shy kids

I've got one just like it. It's.....frustrating? Maybe that's not completely the right word, but I don't have a clue how to deal with it.

Simple stuff, like replying when anyone says hello to her, stranger or known, she won't do it. Sometimes I take her to work and when a coworker comes into my office she will duck below my desk. I take her into the gym to sit with her class before school starts and she literally STOPS when she gets there because the somewhat large crowd of kids seeminly terrifies her. She does alright in smaller groups and doesn't seem to have any trouble in class. She is NOT confident, though. She questions everything. She's a watcher, not a do-er. She does not transition well.

Her pre-k teacher has expressed minor concerns. We had intended to send her to public school Kindy, but instead re-enrolled her in the private school she's at this year. Maybe I'm enabling her, but I would hate myself forever if she was miserable.

I used to tell people, "Oh, she's just shy," but she took offense to that so I stopped. Now I just gently remind her to say hello, then introduce whoever it is and call it good.

It is my sincere hope she grows out of it, but I'm just not sure.
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