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Re: Shy kids

See she did great in preschool but her class was only 12 kids. There are 19 in her kindergarten class. We didn't put her into preschool until 4 because she just wasn't ready. I thought about early 5's but if she is really like me that wouldn't have helped anyway. She doesn't hide from individual people. its really just the large group. And lots of activity. Its very frustrating for dh because he has never been shy. but for me its more upsetting because I know what will come later if she doesn't change. I was never bullied or picked on, but I was always just there. And as an adult I feel like I missed out on so much and i can't get that back. i don't want her to be like that. Most books talk about confidence and shyness but she is confident.

Letting it go isn't really an option. The game she did not participate in yesterday was a class thing. It wasn't suppose to be optional. it was part of their dance class- she goes to an art charter school. She already got marked as needed additional help for not using her head voice (ie singing where everyone could hear her) in music. She loves her school though and loves doing dance, art, band and music.
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