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I adore my pont tail palm! Give it Plenty of sun! And honestly, if you are a plant killer (I used to be) GET AN AQUA GLOBE! They are so cheap now, and they work great!! They saved all of my plants until I earned how much water they needed.

Mine is a little unhappy right now with the current lighting situation, but its still growing!! It is by far my favorite plant! Careful though, I tried to rip off a dead leaf tip and my finger slid up the leaf and sliced it open! It bled for hours. OUCH!

Ps! Thanks for the reminder, I'll go water my plants now. It's been....well lets just go with "too long"

And oh yeah, my learning plant was a philodendron. (Poisonous to eat though so carful with pets and kids) but the leafs droop when it needs water, so then I water my plants, and within hours it's happy again. I always say it talks to me, and its the lifesaver for my other 6 plants.

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