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Re: I'm seriously going to delete this after I get an answer

Growing season refers to the natural cycles that the conditions are optimal for plant growth and yes that's different everywhere. Even indoors, these plants are subjective to the short winter daylight and go into dormant phase if you don't provide an indoor plant light. I'm assuming since you are growing it indoors, that is what you're talking about. Indoor plants, always use potting mix not garden soil (different stuff in it), if you want to keep it indoors all the time it will need some supplemental light in the form of a plant light bulb. Some advice, get a plant hygrometer (get at home depot in the greenhouse area) so that you don't over water it and pay close attention to fertilizer directions since it's so darn easy to burn a house plant. Good luck, I'm an avid gardener but I still kill houseplants.
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