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How to get ink out of clothing??

DH gave our 2yo DD a pen to write with last night.... Needless to say, she got it all over her shirt, which was brand new. I know a 2yo's clothing is going to get stained, but I would like to have at least a few nice pieces for her to wear when we go out, instead of her always looking like a little orphan! Anyway, do I have any hope of getting this out? I've always heard hairspray for ink, but how do you do it? I think I've tried it before where I sprayed the hairspray on the ink and then washed it, but the ink didn't come out that time. I did just spray hairspray on all the ink spots a few minutes ago, but do I let it sit, try to scrub it out before washing, or..??? Any other suggestions? TIA!
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