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Re: What was your first reaction when you got your positive pregnacy test?

#1 - didn't take a test myself, did a urine dip at the dr's office at 5 weeks... actually I never saw the test myself, lol. we were happy and excited, though.

#2 - no hpt again, I fell down the stairs with DD in my arms and we had to go to emerg to get her ankle and my arm/shoulder checked out. I realized I should have started AF that morning, no sign of it coming, mentioned it to the Dr before we did x-rays. Again, I never saw the test myself. But we were happy and excited again!

#3 - shocked. And a bit confused and slightly worried - I'd taken the hpt after 12 days of (what I thought was) a very heavy AF, didn't feel right and felt off, wanted to take a test to prove the Dr's wrong... backfired? After we knew that he was okay in there, we were very happy.

#4 - finally took an hpt right around Christmas, after spotting for a week - never had had that happen before (spotting had started a week before AF was due) and someone suggested I might be pregnant. We didn't quite know how to feel, kinda shocked, definitely worried with the spotting. It unfortunately progressed and I miscarried on Christmas day.

#5 - worried, but naive that miscarriage couldn't possibly happen twice to me. (yes, I know how extremely stupid that was to think, especially now!) When we made it past the first few days (4-5 weeks) with nothing happening we started getting excited and hopeful, then I started miscarrying.

#6 - again worried, especially with light lines. After 3 days, the lines disappeared and I miscarried again.

#7 - very stressed and worried. No happiness or anything, walked on eggshells until after 6 weeks. Then we started to get excited and hopeful. (that babe was Levi)

#8 and #9 - again very worried, with one I just knew something was wrong because the line was way too light for where I was. Both pregnanices were miscarriages.

#10 - very worried (see the pattern here, lol?), holding our breath until we got past 6 weeks. Then we were excited and hopeful and happy... sort of. DH was. I honestly had some strange feeling that something wasn't right, constantly worried and obsessed over movement (lack of) once I hit 10 weeks. At 20 weeks we found out Elliana was very sick, a couple weeks later she died.

#11 - we were in shock. Not trying. Using condoms. Not anywhere near ready to make a decision about whether we even were going to try again, or if DH was going to get a vasectomy. But Hiccup came along anyways - the reason for our indecision, I think. This pregnancy has been the hardest. All those worries and fears... what we truly felt, from the + test until seeing Hiccup bouncing away in there at 20 weeks... was absolute terror.
Now we are cautiously hopeful.
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