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#1- oh crap! We weren't even out of high school. It was our senior year.

#2- Oh crap! She was an engagement night surprise. Had to replan when the wedding was going to be. Lol

#3- Oh crap! I ovulated a week early after months of tracking for prevention. No signs of ovulation coming at all!

#4- Oh crap! Kids ha all been sick or literally a month. DH and I hadn't even managed to be in bed at the same time all month long, except for once which should have been 10 full days past ovulation. But due to the afore mentioned sick kids I hadn't been tracking really. He was still supposed to PNP. He didn't. Boy was I shocked 9 days later.

We're not the planning type, obviously. Lol. They've always been the most amazing blessings though. Zero regrets.
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